Kung Fu KidsLearn Kung Fu, Kids!

Learning Kung Fu is a great way for children to keep fit and healthy, whilst also teaching confidence, focus, discipline and self defence, pathing the way for success in school and life.

children practicing biu sau foillowed with knee strike The Kung Fu we teach is based on the southern Chinese system of 'Wing Chun', the Kung Fu style studied and made famous by legendary martial arts movie-star, Bruce Lee.

Wing Chun is a direct form of self-defence designed to allow smaller people to overcome bigger, stronger opponents, so is perfectly suited for both boys and girls. Our classes are presented in a safe, fun environment by experienced instructors.

Kung Fu Tigers classes are now held at 3-4pm on Sundays at The Lakeside Centre, Southgate, Killingworth, Newcastle Upon Tyne.

For more info call Paul on 07786 430 320